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Residential and Commercial Energy Storage

Energy Storage in Cameron ParkUtility-scale energy storage was considered one of the major economic power with great influence over the market. However, in recent times, the growth of residential and commercial energy storage has increased enormously. Residential energy storage has to offer great benefits to the homeowners. Some of the major advantages of residential energy storage are as follow:

  • It gives owners a high level of independence when it comes to having a hold and control over the utilization of resources and It also helps protect outages and shortages.
Residential and Commercial Energy Storage is being deliberated as superpowers which are expected to spread in the market and break records in coming years. During this age of highly advanced technology and age of energy storage, demand for Residential and Commercial Energy Storage is rousing incalculably. T&D World is a renowned magazine which discusses the recent trends in an electrical grid, power utilities, construction, and engineering. According to T&D World April 2018 Energy Storage Supplement, Residential energy storage is ramping up.
Conferring to the U.S. Energy Storage Monitor from GTM Research/ESA, this substantial increase in the residential storage was at its peak in the 4th quarter of 2017. Regardless of the solar tariff issue which was raised lately, it is still expected that residential storage will sustain its position in the market. Recent activities by IRS to issue Private Letter Ruling in March which has permitted customers to take 30% of solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and the legislation for Behind The Meter (BTM) supports the greater demand for residential storage.
It is thought-provoking that companies are also getting inclined towards the use of residential energy storage, ostensibly so as to contest with the Tesla’s power wall offering, PV packaged and backup system demand. Besides, Mercedes Benz has also inserted an energy subsidiary in 2017 with modular home battery pack program. Rendering to a report by Energy Sage, it has been confirmed that approximately 74% residential solar power clienteles have shown great interest in energy storage utilization. In view of experts, Commercial energy storage is the best solution for businesses. Although, it is still considered as a new technology, yet this energy storage service is estimated to impact the business management majorly.
This brilliant service will help in establishing better grounds for businesses to muddle through their electricity costs in the year ahead. Commercial energy storage is also viewed as one of the fastest growing segments in developed countries such as the United States and Australia. Commercial energy storage service comes with countless benefits specifically for the corporate industry. Few benefits of Residential and Commercial Energy Storage have been mentioned below:
  • It helps in shifting grid electricity consumption.
  • Reduces peak demand charges.
  • Most significantly, makes most of the solar power.
  • It also has to offer energy arbitrage.
  • Backup power.
  • High resilience.
  • Ensures adequate energy supply.
  • Reserves market participation.

Basically, Residential and Commercial Energy Storage is a significant investment which serves companies and businesses, in the long run, making these the best option.Call or fill out the form below to get more info on how you can start saving money by saving your energy.

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